Toyohashi University of Technology Student Support Center

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Why don't we talk about something bothering you?

Do you have any problems or worries in your university life?
We are here to help you through talking with each other.
Please get in touch with us for a more prosperous student life.

  • Counseling on Student Life
    Enter from here if you don't know where to go for help.
    Counselors will work with you on a variety of issues.
  • Counseling on Learning
    Here is for academic issues such as classes and other schoolwork. Consultation on reasonable accommodation is also available.
  • Counseling for International Student
    Here is for international students. Besides counseling, we would connect you to the appropriate departments and organizations inside or ouside TUT. Counseling in English is available.
  • Career
    Here is for concerns about job hunting or your future plan. We can also discuss how to prepare for job hunting even with a situation: "I don't know what I want to do!"
  • Counseling for Faculty & Staff, and Student's Parent
    Here is for faculties, staff menbers and student's parent.
    When you have some difficulties dealing with your students, please let us know. We can be of your help thinking together.

What is the Student Support Center?

The Student Support Center, or SSC, has licenced counselors and a nurse. If you have any problems with your daily life, friends, study, career, etc., please feel free to contact us. We will strictly maintain confidentiality of your personal information. About SSC

You can come to the counseling not only individually but also with your friends. I wish I could help make your student life better and more "comfortable." Please come visit us sooner!

Services at the Student Support Center

  • Appintment First
    Appointment First
    We make an appointment in the order of application. You can apply at the counter as well as through the form.
  • WEB counseling
    WEB counseling
    We arrange the first interview face-to-face. From the second time, online interviews or phone consultations are also available.
  • Confidentiality
    We strictly protect students' privacy, and so please feel free to come visit our office or contact online.
Outline of the Center


Toyohashi University of Technology, Student Support Center/SSC

Room B-208 2nd floor, Building B
SSC Business Hours Weekdays 9:00~17:00
(Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)
Telephone number 0532-44-6588
E-mail address gakroom☆
*Please replace ☆ to @.

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